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What makes a Back-end Developer a star?

A back-end developer is responsible for scripting data, building, and coding/decoding a website. A WordPress back-end developer primarily works with PHP, one of the most popular languages used to power the web. All the formatting, fonts, headings, and colors of the page you’re currently reading are displaying on the front-end. The coding and decoding processes in the server have extracted this information from a database. Any action performed on the server, at the application layer that interacts with the database, usually MySQL in the case of WordPress is considered back-end development.

To ensure a secure, well-running database, you need somebody with the right skills. A back-end developer needs to be qualified as an expert in the IT field and have the following skills.

They know their back-end programming

Back-end Developers must understand their discipline and your company’s programming languages and software. Most likely, your website will be encoded in PHP or HTML. These specific languages make up a large portion of your back-end environment. Your back-end developer must have database and cache experience. Your cache stores data so database files can be served efficiently, reducing the system’s load. Additionally, back-end developers should know how to work with REST and SOAP APIs—computer interfaces that link multiple servers and software.

They’re up-to-date with the latest technologies

A back-end developer should be curious and love to learn. You want someone who seeks out cutting-edge solutions, as information technology changes every day. Find a developer who stays informed and is comfortable discovering the best way to get things done.

They build the architecture of the system

Seek out back-end developers who know how to analyze and interpret predicted outcomes within IT systems. They’ll be able to tell you where errors might occur. As a result, knowing how to write good code to WP Standards helps avoid potential errors and produces a more maintainable website.

The importance of finding talented back-end Developers has never been higher. Their know-how of both the user experience and the server-side of your project is critical. They ensure the speed, security, and success of your apps and websites.

The rise of AI

The rise of AI for learning and enhancing the customer experience is continuing to transform the web. The forecast sees AI-related business hitting $3.9 trillion by 2022.

API-focused and modular design

Streamlining the development process is in everyone’s best interest. That’s why developers are adopting API-first design and reusable content frameworks to speed work.

The internet of things (IoT)

The growth of IoT (smart devices) is projected to hit 31 billion total devices by this year. The future is connected, and the need to develop for this trend is huge.

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