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What makes a UX Designer a star?

The average UX designer job description covers a lot of ground. But what does a UX designer do? And what is UX design? UX designers — known as user interface designers or user experience designers — support user behavior by leveraging a deep understanding of both your customers and product.

They put themselves in the customer’s shoes and build your platform with this in mind. UX design makes products user-friendly and more intuitive for customers. Innovative businesses are always in need of qualified UX designers to support their goals. UX designers require a special skill set, including UX research, the ability to collaborate with team members, and an understanding of wireframing and UI prototyping.

If you want to attract and retain customers, you need someone talented. As you look to hire a UX designer, find people with these traits.

They’re skilled researchers

Research plays a key role in UX design. Keeping websites and applications up-to-date requires innovation. A good designer stays on top of trends and best practices and knows where to look for inspiration.

They can communicate visually

Visual aids such as banners, icon design, props, and cards keep your audience invested in your project or pitch. UX designers understand a user’s natural instinct to focus more closely on visual media.

They understand UX writing and development

UX development requires knowledge of coding and computer development languages, like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Don’t underestimate the value of UX writing! It’s responsible for the interfaces you see in popular websites, apps, and games.

They’re skilled verbal communicators

No matter the organization, UX designers need effective, empathetic communication skills. They are the liaison between your customer’s wants and your company’s needs. UX designers are able to put themselves in a user’s shoes and know how to solve their problems. If a UX designer knows how to sell their ideas to your key stakeholders, they can elevate your business strategy.

Now that we spend our lives online, the success or failure of your digital products, apps, and websites is dependent on their usability. Remember when mobile phone apps used to be monotonous and boring? Those monophonic graphics have exploded into media with sparkling new UX designs. Here are some recent trends in UX design.

Voice-user interfaces and personal-user interfaces

VUIs like Siri and Alexa are growing in popularity due to the innovation of UX engineers. Speech-to-text and voice recognition software will only increase in demand.

PUIs can track an audience’s likes and dislikes, recommending more content they might enjoy (e.g. Netflix). These features can make the user experience feel more personal and more natural.

Augmented reality and material design

With AR, your end product can include animated holograms or interactive 3D displays, bringing together the real and the virtual worlds. On the other hand, material design (used by Android developers) offers an enhanced touchscreen experience with natural motions that mimic real-world interactivity.

Video content

While not new to digital media, video is still more effective than text. Users prefer watching short videos with strong messages. Want to get more attention too? Create UX-designed apps and websites that convey more information in less time.

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