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What makes an Architect a star?

What is a technical architect? And, on a related note, what is a solutions architect? A technical architect designs the technical road-map of a solution. They research, plan, and diagram the technical parts and pieces of a web application.

The majority of websites don’t need a technical architect. The ones that do are fairly large and have significant amounts of data. Even then, a technical architect would most likely only be called on for detailed issues, like a migration.

On the other hand, a solutions architect is a broader title. These professionals take a higher-level look at an application’s solution. It may not be a website at all. Any software application may involve a solutions architect. They create the initial blueprint prior to engaging a technical architect for drill-down functionality requirements. It’s the technical architect’s job to map out the precise approach for the desired result. As you look to hire either role, Solutions or technical architect, we recommend looking for these skills and traits.

They’re serious nerds

An architect has many years of responsibility and experience as a developer. Most have a degree in Computer Science or IT. Some may have certificates in technical or solution architecture. An experienced architect should be comfortable with a variety of code languages. They should also know the software development life-cycle (SDLC).

They’re problem solvers

The future of this world revolves around technology. architects streamline your systems, cut unnecessary functions, and simplify your processes. In an age where innovation is king, skilled architects focus their talents on making things better.

They’re team players

Customers are the greatest asset to any organization. Any business professional can tell you that customer satisfaction means everything. A great architect is both a technical master and a steward of concepts to non-technical key stakeholders.

Architects look to the future to improve how your business succeeds online today. As the world moves to mobile-first, things like AI, machine learning, and 5G disrupt industries daily. Stay ahead of the competition by familiarizing yourself with these emerging trends.

Edge computing and AI

Edge computing innovation will allow businesses to design better and faster solutions on site. And with Artificial Intelligence, the future of many industries will rely on incredible amounts of data processing.

5G internet technologies

With the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) and always-connected devices, 5G and lightning fast internet will be critical. As consumers look to business to solve their problems, architects will keep this top-of-mind.

Mobile-first, mobile engagement

As businesses migrate to the cloud, digital teams become more fluid. Mobile engagement has never been more important to business success. Architects will rely on responsive design to seamlessly meet them wherever they are.

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