Find the right fit with screened professionals.

We can provide access to top professionals with experience working with sites across multiple industries and platforms.

Benefits of Professional Services


Pro Rated Resources

Tell us about your needs. Talent Coordinators then identify a list of resources only from the top rated contractors, and assist with coordination throughout the process.


Connect Lightning Fast

As the largest source for contract WordPress resources connections to qualified resources are made within hours not days.


Professional Tools

Email, chat and manage all contractor activity through your WP Contractors dashboard including time reports, payment and more.


Developer Contractors


Module Contributors




Linkedin Connections

5 point process

Five point, Five Star Process

Our Talent Coordinators are WordPress community members

This platform was created by developers who pride ourselves on cultivating the best talent available. We do that by asking everyone on the platform to chat with us about their abilities, take a short coding exercise, supply code samples and provide references of past employers.

Professional tools, Centralized Management

Everything in one place for your WordPress projects

Professional level employers have complex projects with high demands and activity. The WP Contractors Dashboard provides full visibility into contractor time tracking organized by project coupled with communication tools, downloadable reports, payment options and more.

Pro tools

Our Code review is no joke

Only Senior Developers and longtime members of WordPress allowed.

Our process for identifying those developers with Senior Professionals with Enterprise level experience is our most rigorous vetting process. To be among the best on WP Contractors and considered an Enterprise Professional a resource must bring large enterprise project experience along with technical, workflow tools, remote-work experience, communications skills and a demonstration of commitment to the WordPress Community and WordPress Coding Standards.

Do you need WordPress contractors to meet demand?

Hire pre-screened, expert WordPress contractors. Our platform is part of the Esteemed Talent Network. We provide world-class WordPress talent that brands can trust — through tools they already use. We work as an extension of our clients in close collaboration to provide vetted architects, developers, designers and digital professionals.

If you need help hiring for digital, or to scale up to meet demand, please let us know. We'll be happy to get you started with a custom Esteemed subscription plan..