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What makes a Sys Admin a star?

System administrators safeguard your operating systems and business applications. They keep tabs on the reliability of one-to-many computer systems and maintain their integrity. As you look to hire a system administrator, look for someone with the following traits.

They’re patient

A skilled system administrator should be patient. Many tasks that come across their desk require time and concentration. What does a system administrator do when users don’t follow instructions closely? If they’re patient, these issues can be handled swiftly and with tact. They should enjoy teamwork and have the ability to communicate clearly. This enables others working in your multi-system computer server organizations to feel comfortable doing so. Remember, people skills are just as important as book smarts for IT department leadership roles!

They like Sudoku and Tangrams

If you want the best system administrators, look for people who genuinely love solving problems. This enthusiasm leads to innovation, which leads to new opportunities for your brand. More importantly, if a server crashes, your whole organization could lose work and time. In an emergency, delays can lead to negative impacts and cut into your revenue. Therefore, it’s critical to have a sysadmin who is quick on their feet when faced with new problems.

They multitask

Great sysadmins multitask and can effortlessly move from one part of your system to another. They also move from one team to another, and can work up and down the business hierarchy. These individuals can handle projects while also considering best practices and the latest discoveries. Find an administrator who’s efficient, analytical, and competent. These skills help them evaluate performance factors of your multi-computer system and find hidden causes of any errors.

They’re innovators

Your sysadmin needs to be up-to-date on trends and best practices. The right person has an idea of what the future of technology holds for your business, and can help steer you in the right direction. For a multi-computer system in a server network environment, it’s vital to read and regularly do data mining about the field.

If you have a large network or IT environment that needs top-tier security, you should hire a system administrator. Day and night, system administrators work to protect your networks, intercept security breaches, and diagnose issues. And as technology changes, so do their skills. Here are some trending skills to look for in a system administrator.

Increased automation of tasks

Automation assists sysadmins in cultivating larger, complex networks, and it also saves time spent on routine tasks. Automation tools like Puppet, Chef, and Ansible reduce human error, strengthening your network.

Growing virtualization of networks

Networks are becoming increasingly virtual, and therefore more abstract. Your system administrator should be able to switch, route, and understand virtual networks.

Machine learning applications

Looking to find areas of improvement? Machine learning analyzes system data, spotting possible opportunities for creating more accurate, detailed, and powerful networks.

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