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What makes a QA Tester a star?

QA testers help to eliminate errors across websites, software, or mobile applications. Successful software projects require skilled individuals who can quickly resolve issues.

QA testers are the stewards of our new era of technology. For example, many businesses rely on apps, like Google Maps. QA testers must ensure that sites or applications are not affected by crashes or malfunctions. Enough bugs, and your users will abandon your product. What makes a good QA tester? We’ve found that a unique skill set is needed to remedy possible issues with your technology. Look for a QA tester with the following traits.

They’re critical thinkers and quick learners

Hiring for a QA tester position? You’ll come across many candidates with sound engineering skills. But you’re here because you want the best. Skilled QA testers have a strong technical knowledge and think critically. They have an eye for finding improvements and adapting to new systems.

They’re flexible with different types of QA testing

QA testers combine computer and manual skills to perform system checks and back-end reviews. They should bring experience of QA scripting languages and coding unit tests.

They collaborate

Find a candidate who works well with your employees and cross-functional teams. You want a trustworthy, relationship-oriented, and communicative person on your team. This way, they can understand the full scope of your project and thoroughly review it.

Software testing increases the likelihood that your product will succeed in the marketplace. When looking for what makes a good QA tester, consider searching for talent with specialties in the following skills.

Multi-device testing

As more apps, software, and IoT devices trend mobile, multi-device testing is increasingly relevant. Great software seamlessly transitions from smartphones, speakers, and wearables.

QA testing automation

Gone are the days of logging hundreds of hours chasing down the same bug. Teams and modalities such as agile development, continuous testing, and DevOps benefit too, as they no longer need to perform manual, repetitive tasks.

Progressive web apps

Introduced by Google, PWAs allow for an uninterrupted mobile experience. In some cases, users no longer need to download apps, instead accessing web apps from their mobile devices. These apps need to be tested against modern and older browsers, as well.

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