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What makes a Visual Designer a star?

What is visual design? It’s the use of graphics and other media to shape a brand’s digital and physical image. As you look to hire a visual designer, find people with these skills and traits.

They have a trained eye

Creative professionals are expert problem solvers. visual designers create icons, presentations, and visual branding. They have a knack for graphics, typography, and layout. Digital designers focus on responsive design and complex web design issues, like cross-platform compatibility.

They’re masterful with their toolset

The best visual designers are masters of the Adobe Creative Suite or alternatives like Figma, InVision Studio, or Sketch. They source or produce images, illustrations, and icons, while leveraging industry-specific tools across a variety of disciplines—video, photography, illustration.

They’re effective communicators

There’s a reason it’s called visual communication design. Good visual designers, by trade, blend graphic design and digital technology to communicate ideas.

Whether you’re in SaaS, B2C, or B2B, first impressions are everything. Enlist a top visual designer to wow customers and bring your development project to life. Here are some recent design trends to keep in mind:

Dark Mode

With big players in the mobile space introducing “dark mode,” many developers are creating projects specifically catered to this trend. More apps and websites are sure to follow suit.

Minimalist Approach, Machine Learning

Minimalist, responsive, and quick-loading landing pages are top-of-mind for brands. Designs informed by AI and machine learning can positively impact the customer experience. If you engage the right visual designer with knowledge in these areas, the possibilities are endless.

Emerging Technologies

Designers are harnessing augmented reality (AR) to bring animation and interactivity to a project. Continuous motion graphics can tell a story, take users on a journey, and capture your audience’s attention.

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